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cow shed concrete cutting

About Concrete Cutting Services

We are cow shed grooving specialists with purpose-built concrete cutting machinery to reduce slippery and hazardous concrete surfaces.

Concrete grooving for dairy barns makes the surface safer for animals, people and machines.

By providing your valuable stock with stable footing helps to reduce slips and injuries, giving cows better confidence, improved cow flow, resulting in faster milking and happier cows.

We have saws for all applications and are able to groove complete cow yards, holding pens, those small tight wee races, entry and exit lanes, loading ramps, underpasses and dairy barn scraper lanes.

  • Our grooves are cut at 12mm wide and approximately 75mm apart.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s new concrete or years old.  If it’s concrete, we’ll groove it.
  • Grooving yards can also improve water run-off, helping prevent icing in the winter.
  • Concrete grooving is a proven and cost-effective method of fixing that slippery surface.

Concrete grooving can be done between milking and cows can walk on the surface immediately after.  We also offer night grooving which can be less disruptive to your daily routine.

Over the years we have grooved complete cow yards, existing dairy barns and also been involved in new projects where the concrete is grooved before the first animal steps on the concrete.

Protect your valuable stock from slippery concrete.

Get our cow shed concrete cutting and grooving services now.

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